Dr. Tumi Johnson, M.D.

Holistic Physician, Dancer, Poet

Healing Dances

Envision moving poetry in the form of dance on the walls of your home, work space, or a gallery/art space, dance that was created with the express purpose of igniting healing in the person that views it.

That is what my healing dances are -- I call them healing "poemdances" because they are often dances that are crafted from my original poetry and made to heal. 


I have performed my healing dances live in several countries (please refer to the About page) and continue to love doing this. However, with my permission and with purchase, my poemdances can also be shown as a dance video/film installation in living, work, healing, and creative spaces. I am also available for commissions--to create and perform (either live or on film) a site-specific piece around a specific topic, for a specified location and community.  

For samples of my poemdances please see this page

I also enjoy creating healing dance presentations, which are a blend of dance and a holistic health talk given by me. Please see the video below for an example of this.


I believe dance can be powerful medicine and I would love to share mine with you.





****To inquire about booking me for a live performance and/or purchasing or commissioning a poemdance to be shown as an installation, please contact me at performinghealing@gmail.com