Dr. Tumi Johnson, M.D.

Holistic Physician, Dancer, Poet

Dr. Johnson, aka Tumi, is a unique combination of highly skilled MD and holistic practitioner. With her guidance, we seamlessly navigated Western and natural medicine to improve my overall health and well-being. I felt comfortable speaking with her about all things, both physical and emotional, and our time together helped lay the groundwork for a long-term approach to living well and aging gracefully. What more can I ask for? We even laughed a lot. She is a gift I recommend to anyone who wants to get healthy.

Have you ever met someone that has military type precision, scientific acumen, specific recommendations that are tailored to your individual health concerns, along with warmth and still a professional elegant ability to be a holistic health provider? Truly, I am describing Dr. Tumi Johnson. I am a 41 year old woman that has been struggling with certain health concerns from as young as 9 years old. It was not until I worked with Dr. Johnson at 41 that I actually was able to nourish these health concerns and am well on my way to becoming a woman of real substance and genuine health. The progress I have made is that which I never would have believed I could have made prior to working with Dr. Tumi Johnson. If you are willing to do the work to become a person of well-being, do make working with Tumi on your health the priority of your life.

Dr. Tumi Johnson is one gift of a woman. A doctor, a mystic, a dancer, a poet, a mother.. She is such a living treasure. This testimonial is too brief to be able to contain all of the reflections and reasons why I believe she is a person who fills the world with wonder, awe, and inspiration. I am so happy that I decided to receive an individualized healing poemdance from her. She has a unique ability. All the movements, the words, the nature, the music, she featured were unique to me. In other words, she is actually able to feel who you are and what you need on a deeper level and then lovingly create something that WILL heal you/ assist with healing yourself! It’s been over a week now since I received my healing poemdance, I have already noticed major shifts in my life: a positive career shift, more energy, and feeling secure in myself and who I feel I am and my purpose in life! This is a true labor of love for Tumi, I feel, and the whole process is a complete joy for her. I now know why she is so excited and passionate about this offering! It’s powerful, effective, and joyful!

Tumi will meet you wherever you’re at. “Low” or “High”. I’d say the sole requirement is willingness to get real and dig deep. I came to Tumi when I frankly was at the top of my mental health journey, but knew I wanted professional knowledge on the one thing I felt I needed help with- healing THROUGH food, not prescription medicine. I had intense symptoms, some extremely odd and Tumi cracked the niche case. Pretty unbelievable. I expected help in feeling better, which happened, but she actually found out what the underlying causes were of my Strange ailments. Not only is she educated in basic medicine, but chronic ailments and autoimmune diseases. She was loving, guiding, gentle, but also serious about her recommendations. I could always bounce off ideas onto her, express my insecurities, she even talked me through a night where I miserably failed her recommendations and she couldn’t have been more supportive- teaching me how my “failure” was really the most important lesson I went through during our time together. My advice is just stay honest, stay vulnerable, and be ready for beauty!! Everything is tailored individually which I have not found in other “help” tutors online, and she is so accessible. She will hold your hand from a distance and be your “tour guide” to better health. I’m just all around more confident and genuinely feel like I have a new lease on life. Everyone deserves that feeling.

Tumi is the best. She’s knowledgeable about food and nutrition and an expert on health and medical issues. What an amazing combination and in a warm, empathic, supportive, upbeat individual. Tumi’s program is more than worthwhile. It’s priceless.

Dr. Tumi is caring and very knowledgeable.  She provided me the guidance and understanding needed to get me through a difficult time of my life with the confidence that I was making the right dietary, medical and overall choices in living my life.  Without her medical knowledge and caring reassurances, my choices could have been detrimental to my overall health.  She was there to guide and encourage me during our sessions and also available to answer any other questions that I had outside of the sessions via email.  I would highly recommend Dr. Tumi to anyone who is looking for a Holistic Healer.  Thank you Dr. Tumi for all you have done for me, really appreciate it.

I’ve been told that there are two important periods of change in one’s life and that they’re separated by 30 years.  I remember well the major period of my life when I was 30 years old and at 60, Tumi Johnson introduced me to my second one.  I’ve had a very active and healthy life and have never taken daily medications of any type.  I plan to continue that for as long as possible so when my Doctor recommended statins for my high cholesterol I wanted an alternative.  Since I love to BBQ like it’s the 4th of July every weekend; no meat, fish, dairy, eggs, coffee, barley, rye, oats, chocolate, sugar, processed carbs, alcohol, wheat, soy, or gluten seemed completely ‘over the top’ for me to comply with.  However, I’m very disciplined and feel I can do anything if I have an end date to measure against.  So for two weeks I ‘put my head down and like the Nike add says; ’just did it’.  After two weeks though, I was shocked at how great I felt and kept it up for six more weeks.  I dropped 65 points on my total cholesterol and felt better than I had in 30 years.  I’ve reintroduced a few of my favorite sins like a little fish or a coffee now and then but for the most part, I’m quite happy with what once seemed like an impossible change of diet.
Tumi made it easy work for me with her broad understanding of a plant based diet and the logic behind it.  Tumi, I may look for you again in 30 years at my next milestone.

From my initial interview with Tumi, I felt hope – something I had not felt in almost 6 years of living with an autoimmune disease. The hope I had did not disappear. It become stronger throughout my time working with Tumi because the program works. I could finally say that for the first time, I felt good.

The program was tailored to my health, not just general health, also taking into consideration things that I wanted and not just what I needed. Unlike other doctors I worked with in the past, I finally felt that I was being heard – that there was a solution to my health problems, and she was going to figure it out.

The idea of “delicious healing,” that what I eat could be my medicine, appealed to me because I was so tired of being overmedicated (and having to live with the consequences of too much medicine). Along the way I absolutely had challenges, as I was working on changing my lifestyle. However, Tumi showed compassion and understanding, and taught me how to love myself instead of being hard on myself if I slipped up.

Coming out of the program, I feel that I know so much more about health, how to take care of myself, and how all of it is related to my happiness. I finally feel like a healthy and happy person, and I will forever be grateful for Tumi.

Dr. Johnson is very gentle and she really listens. It’s easy to open up to her. Because of my work with her, I have lost weight, I am more active and eating healthier; I find myself dressing better!; Also my blood pressure and and blood sugars are much better! I am taking less medications. I’m completely off my Insulin (for Diabetes), I have halved my blood pressure medication  and I am off stomach acid medication. My regular doctor asked to to talk with Dr. Tumi to learn from her because of my great results. I feel RICH because of how good I feel!!  Also I very much enjoy her You Tube channel. And I loved her book, Delicious Healing— it has become a guidebook for life for me!

Dr. Tumi Johnson’s holistic medical recommendations have  changed my life. At age 68, I had suffered from constant  insomnia and an  inability to lose weight for the last  twenty years  I was desperate for a good nights sleep. All  conventional medical doctors could offer were addictive drugs that worked temporarily but with undesirable side effects.

Her consultations, a home visit and follow up calls were the start of my life improvement  and  insomnia “cure.”  Her information and  suggestions, were always supported by a gentle “you can do it attitude,” . With her help and guidance I was able to make the necessary diet adjustments  and some changes to my bedtime routine.   I was surprised that food  was related to insomnia, since I was already eating a healthy diet. With her help, guidance and continuous encouragement,  I can sleep though the night and am winning the weight battle.

I’ve been struggling with uterine fibroids    for over   ten years. After trying   so many   other holistic   treatments, I was ready to give up and I honestly did not think Dr. Tumi could help me. But she   seemed   genuine   and   realistic about what she could offer…Long story short, I’m   glad I gave her   program   a try. Dr.   Tumi really and truly is so awesome at addressing a person’s health   holistically. After the   program, I felt like I was in   a better place physically, emotionally and mentally.   

I feel completely overwhelmed with gratitude and deep joy for what my time with Dr. Tumi Johnson has contributed to my life. From the first time I heard her present at the health festival where we met, I felt moved by her presence. Tumi’s intelligence, poise, vast knowledge, compassion, and her desire to serve others by sharing her knowledge and message of full body health have always shined through. Since our first meeting I have had the great pleasure of getting to know Tumi more and she has become the Doctor I always turn to for answers, guidance, and the path to reconnect with myself and my health. She has also become a friend, an inspiration, a person I admire deeply for the way she walks this world, sharing her light with all whose paths she crosses. I eagerly recommend Tumi’s services to anyone who is interested and I feel confident that your life will be positively changed by your time spent with this truly magnificent being. Thank you, Tumi, for all that you have contributed and continue to bring to my life.

Dr. Tumi Johnson is an amazing, brilliant, and compassionate holistic health provider.
She is very passionate about natural health and it shows with her providing me with a
complete personal plan. She has greatly helped me in my journey to maximize my health.

Working with Tumi was an amazing experience.  Her work is tailor-made to each of her clients, and every aspect of our time together exceeded my expectations.  This highly-personalized and multi-dimensional approach honors the fullness of the client as a human and spiritual being, and draws forth elements that are often glossed over in more traditional healthcare settings.  As someone who is very sensitive to other people’s energy, I so appreciated Tumi’s extraordinary presence and gentle intuitive manner, as well as her ability to hold a space that felt both open for exploring the deeper layers of what was behind my immediate physical symptoms, and at the same time, felt contained and grounded and therefore, safe.

Not only was the process of working with Tumi wonderful, the results and outcomes were extremely positive.  I came to Tumi with a newly-discovered fibroid, along with a history of GI-related challenges.  Despite the fact that I had eaten a fairly clean diet for many years, Tumi helped me more deeply understand that there were still things I was eating that were causing an interactive inflammatory cascade in both the GI and GYN systems that were “feeding” off each other.  Within the first week of the elimination diet she prescribed, the acute pain I was experiencing lessened, and, even more importantly, my overall energy increased dramatically.  Over time, my symptoms almost completely subsided, my energy stayed consistently high and I felt like my constitution was strong.  I love that I now have a foundational diet upon which I can expand, but to which I can always come back, should the pain/inflammation recur.

I highly recommend Tumi, whether you are struggling with a specific health issue (especially ones that may have stymied other practitioners), or whether you simply want to up-level your self-care regimen.  There is no one like her!

Please see the following URL for full testimonial: https://hyceltaylor.wordpress.com/2015/12/09/healed-by-a-holistic-physician/

When I started working with Tumi, I was frustrated with my overall health and by unexplained fertility challenges. Over time, Tumi equipped me with invaluable health and life tools. Today, even when I stray from what’s best for my total health, I know that I’m equipped with the tools needed to recalibrate. That’s extraordinarily empowering and I’m forever grateful!

Tumi Johnson is a great person to have on your health team.  She is a very knowledgable and compassionate Holistic physician.  She is helping me as a whole person address health issues and educating me and giving me tools so I can be my own best health advocate.  Its not just about diet!

Tumi’s knowledge and unwavering enthusiasm and support was an integral part of my ability to stay with the program. I appreciated her individualized plan and felt very taken care of by her, as she was genuinely interested in my well-being and overall health. She looks at the whole person, unusual these days. I was comforted by the fact that she is a medical doctor who has gone way beyond what most doctors know of (and are not afraid to admit to).  Thank you!

Dr. Tumi Johnson is super-smart and intuitive. She has the ability to dial-in to the particular needs of the individual and codify explanations succinctly, without resorting to hokey hyperbole or overwrought scientific theory.

But best of all, Dr. Johnson’s suggestions work— I not only lost weight on the detox, I tamed sugar and wheat cravings. I’ve also found new ways to sauté fresh vegetables in interesting combinations for supper and gained appreciation for fruit-fueled energy throughout the day.  Overall, this was the easiest and most useful detox I’ve ever experienced.

When I first met Dr. Tumi Johnson,  I was immediately inspired by her healthy lifestyle, vibrant energy, and the care with which she approached her own personal diet and nutrition. I knew immediately that I wanted to be educated by her as to how I too could learn to nurture and take care of my body via a nutrition plan. Dr. Johnson created a specific diet for me and took the time to carefully explain the many aspects of the nutrition plan to me so that it was easily understood. Even though I was working in Mexico at the time, we were able to communicate with ease via Skype. She made sure that my new diet was one that could be comfortably incorporated into my life and would give me optimal health for my active lifestyle. Since I’ve begun following my new plan I feel energized, satisfied, radiant, and very healthy! Issues such as bloating, allergies, sinus troubles, (and a few extra lbs.) have been remedied by my new diet. This plan is a lifestyle change for the best and I will follow it for life! Thank you Dr. Tumi Johnson!

Dr. Johnson is an absolute wealth of information and not only talks the talk but walks the walk! I had been struggling with the idea of having to follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet indefinitely; while it seems to have been helpful for my ulcerative colitis, I was getting increasingly turned off the diet due to its rigidity and limitations.  Dr. Johnson has gotten me started down a path that feels like a better fit for me.  She also helped me make sense of the often conflicting information out there about how we should be eating.  She was extremely available, supportive, and professional throughout the process; her sessions are packed with information.  Time will tell if this new approach will really help keep my disease under control but so far so good!

Tumi was the first doctor, out of several consulted, to give me actual, practical, effective recommendations to overcome my constant fatigue. After months of feeling like I was barely holding on, I’m almost back to my normal self, and I’m incredibly grateful to Tumi for helping me find the path to get there.

Well I met Dr. Johnson, my (blood) sugars were over 300. Dr Johnson told me she was going to help me control my sugars. Well let me tell you: she not only helped me control my sugars but she helped me get rid of my diabetes. She knows what she is talking about.

Dr. Johnson absolutely changed my life! She helped me see how everything I was eating was damaging my body and was only going to hurt me in the long run. Now, I have never felt better and have more energy than ever before! Thank you Dr. Johnson!

Working with Tumi was so enlightening for me. As a holistic health coach myself, I help people all the time, but I was having trouble looking at my own issues. I appreciate that Tumi is an MD but I was more interested in the fact that she offered the holistic/alternative healing sessions. This is how I prefer to do things so I was very intrigued with hearing her advice for me with my allergies/asthma issues. Tumi impressed me with her full knowledge of many healing modalities…Her phone consults were very down to earth and she is an amazing listener and she offered me many exercises to heal myself. Through an “elimination diet” I was able to determine what was causing my allergy issues…

Dr. Tumi helped me to achieve a health plan that worked for me. I had tried to incorporate more yoga and meditation and a plant based diet into my life previously, but it always seemed too daunting or not worth it in the end. I would always start things only to get discouraged and not follow through. Working with Tumi took the mystery and frustration out of the process and helped me to find  a rhythm that I could stick with. Tumi always reminded me that this is a lifestyle change and that a little “mistake” here and there is no reason to give up on positive change? I am so happy with how I am treating my body and I look forward to growing within this practice to continue to strengthen my body and mind. There is definitely a long road ahead to wellness, but I feel confident that I have enough experience, through Tumi’s guidance to sustain this for my entire life.

Tumi was exactly what my husband and I needed to jump start much needed changes in eating and lifestyle. My husband relies on evidence when making decisions and I tend to feel motivated by someone’s strong conviction and support. Tumi provided both, encouraging many significant and healthy changes in our diet while also giving us clear and extensive information to back up why these changes are helpful and important. An additional bonus to doing this work has been that my husband and I have a much better time planning for and preparing meals, especially since we’re both in the same boat. We also feel so much better than we did one month ago and have steadily lost unwanted weight. THANK YOU TUMI!

I initially contacted Dr. Tumi to help me implement a plan for my inguinal hernia and high blood pressure.  From our first consult, I was immediately blown away by the ease I felt, the feeling of safety, reassurance, and knowledge that she was in it wholly for my best interest.  Her expertise in various fields of healing was immense. I never once felt rushed or unheard.  She took the time to answer all my questions and then some.  I came away learning so much more about my health and dietary choices, and how I can better my mind, body and spirit.  I learned to step back and quiet my mind and be empowered to think about what foods I am putting into my body.  I am convinced Dr. Tumi sees the whole potential of her patients and doesn’t just treat the symptoms by giving quick pills and fixes.  She delved into to the heart of each problem I lay before her and adeptly recommended realistic and effective strategies to overcome each problem.  Dr. Tumi is unlike any doctor or medical professional I have worked with in the past.  Her attention to detail, drawing from many areas of western and holistic medicine, and genuine compassion for her patients is evident and places her above all the rest in my opinion.  She has given me new hope to pick myself up, when I was down.

Since the initial consultation with Dr. Tumi, I have had the pleasure of several more sessions with her and everytime I experienced and learning something new.  If I had to describe it in a sentence, I would have to say it was like having a visit with a western medical doctor, a holistic doctor, cognitive therapist and health/wellness coach all rolled into one person! I was pleased that she worked with my local naturopath and was able to receive my bloodwork and interpret the results with me.  I like her philosophy in knowing that the body can heal itself if it has the right nutrients and dietary fuel.  I cannot recommend Dr. Tumi enough or sing enough praises about my experience and only hope more people will seek out her expertise to help them overcome their health and wellness concerns.  She is a rare gem who is doing so much for the betterment of humanity and ultimately the wellness of our planet.

You know those people that mock and ridicule the very adjectives that are associated with the word “healing?” Well, that was me! I do still roll my eyes at the obvious scammers or the over inflated egos of self proclaimed healers. I find people that take advantage of people in need of genuine health care just crappy. But then I discovered that any person any where at any place in their own life can nourish themselves into a far better state of health and just general wellness, and a lifting up of their spirit to be actually real. Healing does exist. Healing exists when an individual is willing to look at their life with what they truly want for themselves and where they are now in their own life. Not what any one else sees them as nor as what judgements and actions have happened but whom the person actually is. The Poem dance that I requested from Dr. Tumi Johnsons that was crafted for me was elating because as I described the health concerns I’ve lived through in a very raw direct clear way with zero sugarcoating, a space was created to address that which has always been silenced. The poem dance addressed the reality of what I’ve lived through and made me feel seen which provided the strength to let go of unhealthy relationships with other people as well as within myself. This kind of thing is a powerful way to nourish oneself in a real way that made me feel as though something within myself was unlocked. The thing is when a person is choicefully willing to let themselves become  their real self and let go of all the gunk that was placed upon you, you take your power back from those and that which took it from you. And its done with a level of artistry and talent that Dr. Johnson created and crafted from listening to what you are actually describing and allowing a creation of space for real genuine authentic ease within yourself. An ease that speaks to the whole of a person. The poem dance was a gift. One of those gifts that contributes to a freed version of oneself. This is real healing. This is a true gift. This is real true healing. Coming from a person that would mock the very idea of healing, I can say with complete sincerity that something sacred happened when I watched the poem dance and listened to the energy of the words and felt the movements of the dance. To be seen is one thing that is rare in our modern day lives but to be seen and feel the release of weight that has burdened a person is real true healing. That is good medicine, ya’ll! :)

Let Delicious Healing in