Dr. Tumi Johnson, M.D.

Holistic Physician, Dancer, Poet

Summer Body and Home Synergy Cleanse


I have experienced and witnessed the power of pairing an internal body detox with an "external" decluttering of one's environment, and I would love for you to experience it also!


What sets this cleanse apart from others? 

- Crafted by a medical doctor with nutritonal experience.  This cleanse was designed by me, a medical doctor with lots of expereince in nutrition and years of experience guiding people in cleanses. In addition, I have personally been doing a seasonal detox as well as decluttering practice for years, and love the process. 

- Plant based.  This is an all plant foods cleanse with the option of having the cleanse be all raw/living foods OR having some (healthy) cooked foods. You decide. 

- Delicious and satisfying. This is NOT about calorie restriction but rather abut choosing healthy detoxifying foods. Delicious recipes are offered as part of this. 

- Guided.  I will be offering you daily step-by-step guidance on the decluttering process of certain areas of your life. 

- Holistic. As holistic minded medical doctor and dancer, I believe that true lasting change occurs more quickly and lasts longer when the WHOLE person is honored. So, I'll be sending you guided meditation, healing dance, and other holistic minded offerings, to support the detox process. 

- Gentle but effective.  I have had a lot of experience guiding people in detox AND also guiding them out of it in a healthy mannar-- gently but very effectively. Please see the testimonial pages of this website -- most of my clients and patients have undergone an individualized detox process with me. 


How does it work? 

You choose the week that you'd like to do the cleanse. Then purchase the cleanse through the puchase button on the right of the screen. You'll receive a welcome video and the grocery list for your cleanse once you purchase and start the cleanse 2 days later, receiving email support and guidance EVERY day of the detox. 



One week of your choosing, anytime during the year, but recommended around the turn/change of the seasons.  


How much?

$55USD for the entire 7 days of detox .

Let Delicious Healing in