Dr. Tumi Johnson, M.D.

Holistic Physician, Dancer, Poet

Delicious Healing - The book

I am dedicated to empowering others in their journeys of personal health, peace, and happiness, and this book was written with that intention. In Delicious Healing, I offer my personal story of overcoming depression, disordered eating and other diseases. I share my story to help dismantle the shame of the many who go through trauma and illness, often self-inflicted, as a testament that often our deepest wounds can be our greatest gifts, not just to ourselves but also to others. I wrote this book in part so that people will witness that even those “who know better,” medical professionals, can fall victim to disease-causing habits. This book is the doctor’s white coat being taken off in a very vulnerable way that I hope will be healing to anyone who mistakenly views physicians as super human or maybe even inhuman.  As both doctor and poet-dancer, through this book, I share a blend of practical, science-based advice blended with art (through poetry and dance). I believe this blend reaches the heart and can motivate and transform in a way that just the facts never can.  More than anything else, this book is offered in love, the most powerful healer of all.

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