Dr. Tumi Johnson, M.D.

Integrative Holistic Physician


You mentioned being an expert in nutrition, yoga, and diagnostic medicine. What is diagnostic medicine?

Diagnostic medicine is the use of one or all three amazing and very useful aspects of “traditional” medicine: history, physical diagnosis, and laboratory/radiographic diagnosis.

A good History involves taking the time to get a comprehensive and holistic understanding of your unique health “story.”  Sadly, most doctors don’t have the time to take this full history, and this is one of the reasons I started this practice.

 Physical diagnosis involves using the clues from a good physical examination (using my eyes, hands, and stethoscope when needed).

Lab/radiographic diagnosis involves using the clues from any laboratory or xray/imaging work you might have had or can be ordered for you, to help round out the picture of your health condition.

My medical school and residency training plus my clinical experience in Medicine and additional study of Physical Diagnosis have afforded me expertise in Diagnostic medicine and it helps tremendously in identifying the true underlying causes to any health issues you might be experiencing. 


Does that mean you can order laboratory testing for me?

Yes. Based on your health concerns and goals, I can recommend and order laboratory testing for you. The results shall be then reviewed with you during the consultations.


How do I decide which of your programs best fits me?

During the initial free phone call with me, I will offer advice based on your health and fitness goals  (as well any health issues you might have),  which of the programs is probably a good fit for you.


So when I see you, do you then become my primary care doctor?

No.  My consultations are for holistic medical advice, based on my expertise. I am able to spend more time with my patients/clients  than most primary care providers in most clinics are able to. And that extra time is something I find crucial in truly identifying root causes to health issues and in offering the best individualized health advice for you.

If you already have a primary care provider, I encourage you to continue to see and communicate with him/her for your clinical care and I am more than happy to partner with your primary care provider and discuss your holistic care with him/her.


Couldn’t I just see a naturopath instead? Or an accupuncturist? 

Definitely!  I believe in people partnering with health care providers of different modalities, with whom they resonate. In fact, I often work with other holistic minded care providers including accupuncturists, naturopaths, and homeopaths, if my patient requests so.

But.  I am a holistic medical doctor and I use the areas of health that I have seen work time and time again, that provide SUSTAINED true health– diagnostic medicine, nutrition, and mindful movement. These are my areas of expertise, and if this resonates with you, then I might be the right holistic health care provider for you!


What if I’m not a yogi?

You don’t have to be a practitioner of yoga to benefit from the consultations! Yoga sequences are often included as part of the therapeutic plans for those interested, at all levels of experience. But one of the big features of my programs is that they are INDIVIDUALIZED, and so all therapeutic plans consider what you feel comfortable with; therefore, yoga is not required as part of all the plans.  Also, even if you don’t practice yoga at all, you can greatly benefit for some of the breathing techniques and philosophies drawn from yoga that I do offer.


What if I don’t live near you? (In the Greater L.A./Ventura County region)

 With many of the people I work with, I do so through phone and skype consultations. Depending on your health issues, I may not need to consult with you in person.  During our free initial phone questionnaire session, we can discuss if phone/skype consultations would work for you.